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Asylum 6 Sat report with a few pics.

Asylum 6

Ok, well it was a fantastic weekend, ok so there were LOTS of ques and nothing ran on time, but thats to be expected at a Rouge Events con :p
I spent FAR too much moneys but it was SO worth it!
The boys were all on fine form.
It kicked off with Jensen’s panel with got us all in the mood for an awesome con.
Cant really remember what was said, genral q and a am sure there are a few vids around.

Then off to get photo op with Brock and then Jensen. Quite unexpectidly i was rushed thru the que for jensen as i needed to get brocks, so Jensen was unexpectidly thrust upon me. I was in shock to have that mush prettyness thrown at me.
Here it is that Jensen met PriestlyBear aka Dean Bear dressed as Priestly (from Ten Inch Hero a must see film if u havent seen it!)
The Smirk on Jensen’s face says it all really! LOVE IT!

Then off to see if we can get Jared’s autograph, when we got there they had closed the que as they were running late. But then they said anyone wanting Jared’s only could go thru, YEA .
Cos there just seamed to be me at that time, i had to wait for only 2 ppl to get stuff signed, then it was my turn! *squee * flail omg must breath.
Jared grins at me and says hello and says that i remind him of someone, (as i am weariing a castiel like outfit ) and i say, hiumm cant think of who i would remind him off, and he answers i think its the coat, it looks kinda familliar ! hehehe.
GUH love the accent, and i give him Friday 13th to sign, and he tells me a little story about the pic on the back of the DVD of Jason getting him thru the glass and how he had to scream in slow mo and he didnt think it would work, but when he saw it on screen he love they way it came out!.
Then i mentioned that Clay and Sam were kinda simular and he said it was cos he went strait from filming SPN to do the F13 and he was still a little in the sammy mind set, but then the more he was on the F13 set Clay grew as a diff character, he said he enjoyed filming it,
He then saw SammyBear and Dean Bear and i asked if he remembered him from last time, and he said sure he did, he’s the one with the charlie the unicorn tee-shirt. He then proceeded to read the SHUNNNNNNNNNNN quote from sammybears shirt in the unicorns voice!. Jared is SO adorable!!!!
He then grinned again. And it was time to more on, and then we hi fived, cant remember why but OMG i high fived Jared, and he has MASSIVE hands! GUH!.

Then when i go to teh back of the room, i find Vicky had got in the room, and we can now go and get Richard’s and Marks autos also! SCORE!!!
So being british we join the longest que which is for Richard, but then get board and see Marks que is moving faster so join that insead.
Mark is AWESOME!!!! He was gushing about being on Doctor Who, and having an awesome time genrally, have no idea what i said to him as i was still trying to recover from my 5 mins with Jared. Ooops.
Then we decided to join Richard’s que again. Vic gets his auto first and he is all really awesome and smiling and looking up and stuff and making a conversation. GUH!!!!!
Then he looks at me and says “oh i love you on the show!” in a fangirly flaily voice, and i say, Why thank you! Trying to imitate Castiel. And he giggles. And then sgins my pic
“To Abi, You are a Great Misha. Richard.”
OMG epic flail! I think i love Richard SO much! He is MENTAL and AWESOME and YEA!!!!!!and I WANT HIM BACK ON THE SHOW!!!!!!!!

And that brings us to lunch time

After lunch me and Vicky go to Richards Coffe lounge.
Epic flail. Richard is still awesme. He was telling us stories about the pepsi ads he’s in , and teh parashoot jump he’s gonna do for charity, and said he’s never done one before so it will be a bit scary!
Lots of other stuff mentioned, and he got us all to say our names and where we came from so he could get to know us too. Bless.!
Cant remember much now as my memory is not good.

Tehn off to get photo with Jared. And YEA he was in a really happy mood so he was jumping up and down off his stool and standing and hugging and stuff, so YEA, asked him nicely if he could stand for my pic and he gave me a LOVELY full on padalecki grin.*thud* and YEA! HE SO TALL!!!!! I LOVE HIM LOTS!!!!! *FLAIL*

Am grinning from ear to ear, have waited 2 years for that pic! Thank you Rouge Events for not fucking it up this time!
Then we realized that Richard was gonna be on stage soon so got back to the hall just intime to hear Richard singing on stage with his buddy from school and it was good.

Then i realized i hadnt got my Jensen auto yet, so had to dah off before my Richard photo op!
So many things to do and so little time!
At this stage i’d lost Vicky so i phoned her saying “the voice says I’m almost out of minuits” bearing in mind i am dressed as Cas at this moment, and while i am saying that, i hear a squeek from one of the fangirls around me. Hehehe. Quote done its job, i dash to where vicky says she is. Good times!

I got Jensen to sign my dvd of My Bloody Valentine, and he’s all smily and i think i was too struck by how pretty he was to actually say anything apart from hello and thank you.
On to Cindy’s que and when i get there i ask if she’s enjoying herself and she says she is and that she is going to go to London later to look for a husband, lol, i think tell her good luck, and she says thank you. But it sounded like she thought i was being sarcastic. Oh well.
Then off to Brooks que. Another pretty one, where the heck do they find all the pretty????????????!!!?!?!?!
And OMG he has SO nice arm muscles! Vicky finds me at that point and she gets autos with me. And i point out Brocks arms. NOM!

And then still on a high it was time to get my Richard photo. Another epic flail! He is so cute and cuddly LOVE him too.

And back in time for the last panel of the day. Jared. YEA!
He tells us stories of pranking misha on set, and tells the story of teh coins, he is so bubbly and happy. Its awesome.
Lots of other good things am mostly taking pics thou, so cant remember, but have pretty pics!

So Sat was a lovley epic day of Richard and Jared FLAIL.

Sunday to follow.


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May. 17th, 2011 02:15 pm (UTC)
maaaaan, sounds such a brilliant time! Reading this makes me so damn excited for this week's aecon2! AHHHHH!!!

what were you wearing as Cas-like outfit? with trenchcoat and all? I will do the same thing and seeing all the reactions you got from them makes me all flaily XDD
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