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Las Vegas - Jack Bear has fun

On to Las Vegas - the party and Gambling capital of America.

very early in the morning the bus is going thru the mountains we see the sun rise... very pretty!!!!
JackBear is still wearing my hat!

Walking from the Greyhound station to the hostel we come accross a famillier face from CARS...

then onwards into VEGAS baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

next day we go to Grand Canyon but that report is here

so next next day we lok around Vegas and go to Quarks Bar... Huzzah... more aliens... the quest continues!
i get a LITTLE hyper! hehehe Star Trek theamed bar! i'm SOOOOO there!!!

oooh look the Enterprise!!!

JackBear at Quarks


when i get a house its gonna be one half hobbit hole and other half spaceship!!!!

JackBear does a bit of time traveling and meets Captain Kirk!

JackBear finds some friends at Quarks Bar, he is still tracking down alien life on earth and arming the human race against the future... but beware of the tribbles as they tend to be born pregnant!!!

and a Ferengi

then he gets hungry and orders something from the replicator... lets hope the tribbles havent infiltrated that yet!!!

the he finds the Romulan Ale!!!!

then he finds an Andorian,

Jack checking out the ships computer

and then meets a Klingon

and a Bajoran

then we went, oh and the meal was fantastic!

We then headed to the tower, YUP ANOTHER one!!! wht can isay? Jack likes towers!

and all the lights were nice and shiny!!! fantastic!

and that was our time in Vegas. 

then onwards to LA 

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