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Dr Bob Bear

ok so he's up for sale if you want him

go here to bid on him,

remember he is raising money for Gareth's new film Casimir Effect which starts filming next month!

Me and Nicola made a Dr Bob Bear at the weekend
am thinking of auctioning him to raise moneys for the Casimir Effect film
he cost about £30 to make (inc Bear) and timewise about 10 episodes of SPN.

aint he cute!!!!

Birthday party info and SFX pics

ok so i havent written my report for SFX weekender yet...
but i have uploaded the pics...
pics here

and i booked my bouncy castle for my 30th birthday!

go here for the info. plz come. it will be fun.

Torchwood SUV auction

Why is it i never have 15 grand when i need it!????

the Torchwood SUV is up for auction ( thereby prob confirming that there will be NO series 4¬!!! way to find out BBC!!!!! (fuckers) )

cos if there was a series 4 i'm sure it would be quite easy for Gwen to track down the SUV cos the Theiving Bastards stole it.
its the ONLY remaining bit of Torchwood that didnt get blown up!
Plus not inc the TB's Ianto was the last person to drive it! *SOB*

so yeah i REALLY REALLY wants the SUV!!!! so if anyone has £15,000 to £20,000 spare just sitting around, plz can i have it, it will go to a good cause!
Save the SUV save the World!!!!



I made a pretty

I has mad skillz.

i made 2 pretty GDL montages!!!!! i will not cut cos it the pretty GDL.



i now has the full size version of the Panto one as my wall paper!

ok. so GDL, he's only gonna do a few more conventions this year before he goes on a break. thats what he said to us at panto.

so, i've looked at my finances etc and have made a list of what i can go to.

SFX weekender -feb 4-7 (??) . GDL and James Masters YEA!!!  - !got ticket

Hub 4.  April 9-11 - Kai, Eve and Tom, - i'm getting ticket in next few days

dont think i can sensibly justify getting to the glasgow or northwich just for a day and 1 Blue Gillespie gig.... (grrr)
or the Cons in Australia (grrrrr)

Wales Comicon
and Blue Gillespie Gig Wrexham. April sunday 25th - Am so gonna get there.

so there it is.
thats what am going to this year...
and most prob Milton Keynes Collectormania.... and a SPN con maybe.... Roadhouse or Asylum 5

Birthday Party

Heya All Flist...

as one might know or not, i turn 30 this year as does
[info]lady_carrie   (AHHHHHHHHHHHH)
so we are having a joint 60th
so to retain youth etc,
massive birthday party is required.

so put it in ya diaries as my whole flist is invited.

Sat 20th March 2010

Bouncy Castle, fancy dress, Tardis Cake
and sleepover.

Who wants to come????

it will be in Gateshead, (st georges clubhouse)

Happy New Year

Heya All

happy new year.

well i'm back home in Gateshead! Yea,

and am off to see the last two performances of GDL in panto in Preston tomorrow!
apparently i need a super soaker or a water pistol... humm.... WTF???
am just wondering wether it will be safe to bring the bears into the theatre or if they'll get wet..

anyone know????

Happy Christmas All

Heya All. Happy Christmas and happy holidays. just so say am gonna be going down to cornwall for my granny's funeral on wednesday and for christmas, and might not have a chance to check tinternet. i'll be back up north on the 31st or 1st depending on stuff... Hope you all have a good time over the hols. and i'll see you all in the new year. sorry i havent had a chance to send out any christmas cards this year, i'm just ultra lazy... but i am thinking of you all Lots of love and hugs to all! dont forget DR who is on 6pm Christmas day!!! and then David Tennant in Hamlet on the 26th! Whooot! TENNANT!!!!! nom nom nom!!! i think i am gonna try pack as am heading off tomorrow. ttfn abs

new year resolutions

In 2010, absdax resolves to...
Lose ten indiana jones by March.
Connect with my inner casanova.
Backup my torchwood regularly.
Spend less time on fisichella.
Learn to play the collectormania.
Tell my family about wizards.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, absdax sent to me...
Twelve pirates drumming
Eleven legolas piping
Ten mini's a-leaping
Nine x-files dancing
Eight wizards a-milking
Seven hobbits a-swimming
Six soundtracks a-traveling
Five da-a-a-aniel boys
Four tv themes
Three jensen ackles
Two star wars
...and a casanova in a naurarwen.
Get your own Twelve Days:


Collectormania London Day 2 Sunday

So another day another time to see celebs!
so just got off the underground and are just gettign to the doors of Olympia when i see standing outside Gareth, so i wave madly at him, LOL *facepalm*
Carrie thinks i've spotted Elle or Paula or someone, LOL! nope its GDL, and as we get nearer we stop walking, and I say hi to him and he asks if anyof us have a lighter, bless him he forgot his lighter this morning.
i say sorry that none of us have one, he does a sad face, and we say bye to him and go inside.
*SIGH* i might haveta get a lighter for next convention just incase...

inside we meet fissijo YEAH! HUGS *GLOMP* to Fisi Bear
and also andrea, georgia, paula, and everyone. awesome!!!!! *hugs* to all!

then i remembered i hadnt got a Barrowman autograph ticket yet! OH NOES!!!!!!!!!
dammit got ticket 333. that was gonna take AGES to come up! since Barrowman had 2 photoshoots and a Torchwood talk to do. DOH!!!!!!!!

while wandering around we met some awesome ppl!
and the Bears got in some comprimising situations! Ianto Bear kept trying to grope Sammy Bear!!!!! and Sammy Bear kept loosing his shirt and kept getting undressed! BEARS!!!!

Bear pron and Gareth's shirtCollapse )Read more...Collapse )YEA
Photo ops with Barrowman and KaiCollapse )YEA!!!!!!!!!

Torchwood talkCollapse )!

Misha and Julie, and bye to Kai and GarethCollapse )

Collectormania London

Collectormania London

Ok Saturday so here’s how it happened.

Carrie, Nicola and i got the train at 4.30 am! (OMG WHY???????)
Arrived in London at 8.04.
And made our way to Olympia where Collectormania was being held!.

All so very hyper, we followed the masses towards our goal.

After depositing our bags in the cloak room. We run into Sarah who has made my “Cockblocking Fucker” said Ianto t-shirt! Hoooozah!!!!! Yeah! So i quickly change into it!!!
Nicola and me are also wearing our “Misha’s Minions” army shirts, so we can be recognizable by other minions! The shirts do their job well!!!

First mission to get virtual tickets for autographs.
We leg it up to the top floor to get tickets for Misha, Kai and Gareth. And who’d a thunk it Misha, Kai and Gareth are all grouped in the same area, YEAH!!!!! So we dont have to go far, Misha and Kai are already there but Gareth is nowhere to be seen, speculation runs from him being hungover or still asleep somewhere... and will prob turn up sooner or later!!!! We ask the peeps handing out the tickets and they think about 11ish.
We get a ticket any way.

I glance down the lines and see Kai has shaved his hair. And just seeing it i really wanted just to stroke his head...

is that strange????

First meeting of Misha and KaiCollapse )Read more...Collapse ).

So so much shiny things, and minions keep noticing our shirts or our bears.
Gareth Autographs, Misha Photo shoot and Gareth Photo shootCollapse ).

Gareth and Kai TalkCollapse )

Supernatural TalkCollapse )


Hello to all i saw at collectormania!

this is to say hi to new friends!
just comment here and i'll add ya

also link me to pics of the bears that you might have took that i havent see yet:-)

see ya around!

Cockblocking Fucker

So... various things that might be said or done to make Ianto say "Cockblocking Fucker"

i started this on twitter but thought it might go well on LJ.
here are the ones i've come up with already...

"the beans are almost ready" said Rhys.
"Cockblocking fucker" said Ianto

"Hey you guys.. you in here?" Gwen walks in on Jack and Ianto and watches.
"Cockblocking fucker" said Ianto.

"Weevil alert they are in Splot, you gotta go now!!" said Owen.
"Cockblocking fucker" said Ianto.

"We've only got 14 hours to save the world!" said Spike.. um Cpt John Hart.
"Cockblocking fucker" said Ianto.

take it away peeps... the more random and intreguing the better.

Collectormania London

Woooh Hoo

1 week and a half till its Misha time!
and John and Gareth and Kai time!


i got my torchwood talk ticket, i got my supernatural talk ticket,
i got my misha, kai, and john photo tickets, (dont think gareth is on sale yet)

got my early bird ticket for both days!

got my train ticket and hostel booked.


got my bears ready, i has to take Sam, Dean, Jack and Ianto. i hasnt made a Cas Bear yet... good job really as i dotn think i could carry 5 bears all day!!!

ok so who else is going?????????

anyone else excited yet????


And now all the autographs i has collected over the last few years!!!

shiny shiny people!

eeeeee i met them ALL!  all these were collected by me meeting them! and what memoreis i has!
Loved it!!!!

copious ammounts of autographs under cut... ye has been warned!!!!!!!!!!!Collapse )

People i met

OMG just been scanning all the pics i've have with shiny people!
these are only the proffesional pics, mmmmm i love meeting shiny happy people!!!

lots of pics!!!!Collapse )

Gareth and the Bears

Heya All.
i have now scanned in the pics of Gareth and the bears.

as promised i said everyone who had a bear in the pic could have a shiny hi-res copy of teh pic.

i have sent an e-mail out to the peeps who's e-mail addy i had who i thought would want a copy.

if you want a copy please comment below and i'll send it to ya

hugs to all!

Children of Earth

Am looking for some awesome fix it fics for Children of Earth.
i have a need to read Torchwood fics.

i caught myself reading RPF barrowman and gareth the other day!!! (i blame the Gareth!!!!!!!!)
so please any good recs???
pref compleated ones.


oh and it needs to be happy Janto!!!! (obviously!) with NO DEATH!!!! me no likes death fics!!!!

omg torchwood con!!!!

OMG Hub 3 was fantastic!

took a few pics! but here are a few to start with!!!! will scan in later instead of just takin a pic of them with camera... so i will get better quality jpg's for Gareth and the bears for the ppl who own the bears!
you know who you are :-)

Gareth with the BearsGareth with the Bears

Gareth with the bears 2Gareth with the bears 2

Kai Owen and MeKai Owen and Me



adicted to SPN

oh dear... i was scrolling thru the LOL cat pics

and came across this pic

and thought.. oooh he's wearing Dean's braclet from series 2 onwards... hum and the series 1 one too...

and then thought... ooh has Jensen got a cat?? and why is he feeding it cheezburgers????

then i thort nah arm looks wrong, cant be Jensen!!!

WTF brain!!!  i think am a little addicted to SPN!!!

i'm not dead yet!

i'm not dead yet! - I'm getting better!

mostly better now! YEA!

*happy dance*

got driving teaching lesson tomorrow... i;m not actually teaching yet, am still learning the skillz i needs to teach ppl!
but almost there!

so glad this job doesnt require me to be good at spellin! hehehe!

OMG its october

its october already???? that crept up on me it without anouncing it!

wheee 3 weeks till the Hub! WHoot! sweet lord of the rings!

*happy dance*  yea hub is gonna be fantastic... even thou mr barrowman has cancelled. *le sigh*

but i was really going cos of my obsession with Gareth so we're all good!


love me some Ianto!!!!

just watched 5.04 of supernatural! how hot was Sammy in white! just goes to prove i love my boys slightly evil...

Draco Malfoy, Spike, Angelus, Lex Luthor. Evil!Sammy, 

this is prob one of them reasons why am single, not enough supervillans in real life... LOL! um... yeah...
i only seam to like fictional bad guys... real bad guys dont likes at all. Hitler does NOTHING for me. just thought i get that strait! just so you know i'm not completely strange!

oh and PS.
i got swine flu. grrrrrrrrrrr my temp went up to 102 yesterday!!! flippin heck!!!!! (thats 39 in cel) mum made a massive pannic of callin the flu hotline... and me was  Meh got flu. me sleep now, and she was OH NOES!!!!!!! YOU GOT FLU..... and i was like. meh gimme meds i'll be fine.
so nows i got teh tamiflu tablet thingys which i has to tek twice a day.
meh most anoyin thing is the cough... really really itchy !
Pesky flu!!!!

Supernatural Mag


cs_whitewolf and me are in the SPN mag with the Bears!

OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scan thanks tothe_dean_team



too much chocolate!!!!!!!

uggg i think i ate too many m&m;s


I mowed the lawn!!!


go me!.

i mowed the lawn all by myself! and without ANY prompting from parents (who are away)

and i cleaned up the kitchen ... cos parents are away it got kinda piles of washing up.. but YEA dishwasher is loaded and everything is sparkly clean,

and YEA the grass is shorter!

i feel like Dean in What is and What can never be... you know.. the one with the Geanie and he mowes the lawn with a silly happy grin on his face???
yeah that was me mowing the lawn! LOL!

so yea.. parents get back tomorrow!  i will no longer be home alone... (with the cat and 11 goldfish... or however many goldfish we have now...)

Collectormainia London

so my train tickets came today for going down to london in Nov to stalk Misha!

all i gotta do now is book hostel room!


tis gonna be fantastic!
now do i bring Sam and Dean bear??? me thinks yup!

or do i just bring JackBear cos Kia Owen is gonna be there too..

ahhh decisions decisisions !!!

would bringing 3 bears be a tad much??? Oh i dont know!!! but i think sammy and Dean wanna explore London!... and i'm sure they want a misha squish!

LOLZ on twitter

hum... me thinks this is cute...
following Tom Price (aka PC Andy) and and Kai Owen (aka Rhys) from Torchwood on twitter and the messages they keep leaving eachother are adorkable!!!! LOLZ
new ship??? maybe...

OwenKai worte @
pricetom I cant wait for tonight mate!! pizza and footie for me!!! District 9 is BRRRRiliiant! loved it, love you xpricetom wrote @OwenKai You complete me.

pricetom wrote @
OwenKai Sorry - that should've said you complete mental. Pressed enter early.


Wow i havent updated in ages!!!

well ppl i;m still alive!

well... whats been happnin in abi land....

i passed my part 2 in my driving instroctor corse! YEA! so in the next few weeks i'll be gettin a trainee (PDI) licence and i'll be able to start teachin ppl to drive.. for money! YEA i can has a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and with that comes my very own car... (well company car with shiny dual controls!!!)

so YEA!

so that means i'll prob have moneys to SPEND at the Hub in october and at London Comicon when am stalking misha!


happy abi is happy!!!

oooh and news just in Fisi is on Pole for tomorrows F1 race! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

so that about sums up the last few weeks...

oooh apart from going to York to play on the Hogwarts express...
pics are at my Facebook...

oooh and went to see 5th Doc at Who Wars pics are here
enjoy :-)

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