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maps and things to follow.
team gaz

lol its november

ok, so trying to keep ajournal worked well...

so im the middle of lockdow number 2. this one is apperently only a month.
but its still chaos out there
 wear ya damn masks people. its not a hard task,

finally got a new laptop, yea, its woring good so far, so am happy.

anyway here is a pic of crooksy and nietzy sharing food.

team gaz

am still here


its almost the end of may
contry is still technically in lockdown, but hey bankholiday was really runny so everyone thoght ooh lets go to beaches,
so lets hope the 2nd wave isnt gonna happen...
but who knows. but hey we only had 102 deaths yesterday... bear in mind the contry shut down when we had 50 per day....

i sat in garden, and crooksy felt sorry for himself having been fighting with nextdoor neighbours dog last friday, and he lost a claw,
so had to take him to the vets.
so here he is looking sad, hes on the good drugs thou. antibiotics, wooh

team gaz

actually did gardening!

so it continues
poor boris is in intensive care, and we got the official letter sayin stay the fuck at home
so am out in garden with the cats.
mowed the lawn
trimmed the hedge and chatted to the neighbours over the hedge,
read my comic in the garden
i might be a little crispy fried, my skin doesnt see sunlight very often
team gaz

and it contuinues

so sunday i managed to marathon the star wars prequal trilogy, ihadnt seen it in about 16-20 years depending on which one it was
i only vaugely remembered them,
i actually really enjoyed watching them
and they tied in some random plot from rise of skywalker, cos palpentine mentioned force healing and sith living forever etc... so that was ... pre destined.

and today i mamaged to get my laotop from 8 years ago working and i found my cv so woooh, dont have to re write that from scratch,
and i never thought id say this, but windows vista, oh how i miss you,
team gaz

uk is lockeddown

today the whole of the uk was told stay the fuck inside, or else,

its official, britain is like a naughty child, we have to sit on the naughty step cos we were misbehaving.

so ofcourse this was the day i had to take crookshanks to the vets to get a bloodtest cos he wasnt looking too well poor kitty
we will hear the result in a week or so.
the roads were so quiet,
it was like a ghost town,

team gaz

its been 9 years since i posted here and currently real life sucks

so its been 9 years
thought id try get back to using this.
march 2020. what the fuck is going on in the world?
corvid 19. well bugger,
at the moment currently trying to figure out if self employed ppl can still claim benifits and bo jo doesnt know what the frak is going on,
fun times,
driving tests currently suspended for at least 3 month, but are we still able to teach ppl to drive, who the fuck knows
tune in again on what the frilly frack is happening in teh world today...

team gaz

misha twits

HA!!! i knew my theory was right about misha putting too much of himself into castiel's character,
he just twitted - Collapse )

Oh, God. All the burning puppies make me feel guilty about the whole Armageddon thing, but I knew I'd have to do this when I took the job.