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Links for JackBears Adventures

 click on the city/place you wish to see!
Fiji  LA again Las Vegas Airshow Nevada Wanderings  San Francisco  LA 
Grand Canyon Las Vegas Denver Roswell Dallas 2 Dallas 1  St Louis Indy Washington 2 Washington 1 New York 3 New York 2 New York 1  Toronto  Niagra Falls


Location Hunting in Vancouver SPN/x-files/Smallville sticky post
Day 1 & 2  .  Day 3  .  Day 4  .  Day 5  .  Day 6 & 7  .  Day 8
maps and things to follow.


seriously??? i havent posted since LAST asylum ??? and now am packing for this asylum!
it seams all i do is go to SPN cons.

oh well
4 sleeps til Misha.
that is all

misha twits

HA!!! i knew my theory was right about misha putting too much of himself into castiel's character,
he just twitted - spoilers for 6.22Collapse )

Oh, God. All the burning puppies make me feel guilty about the whole Armageddon thing, but I knew I'd have to do this when I took the job.

previously at asylum6

Woke up bright and early. All ready to get J2 photo opp. YEA! I had a Mark coffe lounge that clashed so they put me in as one of the first to go thru again, this seams to be the best way to jump the ques, who’da thunk it!
So not long to wait and even thou it was first thing it was still running it close, to the mark pannel and missing the start of the coffee lounge! AHH!
there is one other in the que also going to Marks coffee lounge Minja who i met Friday night. YEA!
We get there and there are no chairs in site! YES!!!!! J2 are standing, we ACTUALLY get to squish inbetween them! THANK YOU PTB!!!!! Special thanks to Donna who orchstrated this! MANY HUGS!!!!!
So so glad that they were standing up !!! this made my weekend!! Only been waiting for 2 years for a PROPPER WINCHESTER SQUEEZE!

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Asylum 6 Sat report with a few pics.

Asylum 6

Ok, well it was a fantastic weekend, ok so there were LOTS of ques and nothing ran on time, but thats to be expected at a Rouge Events con :p
I spent FAR too much moneys but it was SO worth it!
The boys were all on fine form.
It kicked off with Jensen’s panel with got us all in the mood for an awesome con.
Cant really remember what was said, genral q and a am sure there are a few vids around.
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fix it


Opps its almost April...
what happend to updating this...

oooh look a kangaroo.
great distraction, nobody noticed i hadnt updated.

had a good fun trip to cardiff and went to another BG gig!
slept like a tigger the whole weekend,

this is me and tess and vic all tiggered up

see you didnt believe me that i slept like a tigger!

anyhoo, been having fun :-)

Castiel's Shopping Adventure

One night as Castiel sat on a bench in a park he came up with a cunning plan to throw a party for Sam and Dean. it was to celebrate Dean being Dean and also Sam's amazing hair.

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Misha Madness

what Misha made us do next!
so the rhino from last week... he then sent us a next mission to go on a scavenger hunt, and do so wacky stuff.
my task was to set up a tent on a traffic island and get in a sleeping bag and zip the tent up.
here is how it went

Misha's Rhino

anyone who on my flist knows about the Misha's Rhino Game

Team 4, go here and help us gather all the pieces before the others solve theirs. http://tinyurl.com/6yw8hsc #mishasrhino

you know what you have to do if Misha has sent you a peice, waist no time and get your asses over to

mishasrhino where you will find all teh instructions you need to complete the mision!


all of you who dont know...
you aint seen this!

but if u wanna find out go to this artical
Collins Challenges Minions With Puzzle http://t.co/ZEBiNbb #mishasrhino

I've been photoshopping H/D

i been photoshopping again.
clicky for pickkys under cut!Collapse )

yes i am still on a major fixation on harry and draco!

Fun times Poll

is this a fun journal??

it could be if you updated more

what can i do to make my LJ fun

post more pics
finish my fanfic stories
write up reports of meet ups
have random polls
more hyperness??

who is the prettest boy character

Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Ianto Jones
Jack Harkness
10th Doctor
Fox Mulder
Draco Malfoy
Harry Potter

Who is the prettiest Girl character

Tosh Sato
Gwen F Cooper
Rose Tyler
Bella Talbot
Ruby (the blond demon)

List of stuff for this year...

OK. so what am i going to be doing this year?

Feb 19th - Newcastiel meetup

March - 19/20th Cardiff. Blue Gillespie gigs.

May 13th 15th Ayslum 6 -Supernatural convention. got tickets deff going.

May 20-22nd Hub 6 - not decided if going yet but prob not... but JAMES MASTERS!!!! if Gaz is there i might go ...meep
May 27-30th - Colletormania MK... (maybe go... but prob not...)

June 5th - Wales Comicon & Blue Gillespie gig prob traveling to Wrexham on the sat 4th!

July 2nd - Much ado about Nothing Tennant and Tate *FLAIL* (got tickets)
and prob staying in London between Much ado and LFCC...
July 8-10th - London Film and Comicon (Mark Sheppard!!!!!! *FLAIL*)

Oct 28-30th - Asylum 7 SPN con, (got tickets)

Dec 9-11th - Leverage Con1 convention! (got tickets)

YIKES!!!!! thats a lot of stuff already!!!!!

late new years resolutin

try and use live journal more!
will try and update from gigs, cons and random travels and meet ups.
i want an account of stuff i do!
cos whats the point of having an LJ (apart from reading fanfic) if i dont update?!?!?!?!!!
end memo.

A reflection on 2010

wow i havent updates this in ages!
twitter has taken over my life.
its only a week til Christmas!
Wooo hoo.

this year has been absolutly fab!
started off going to see GDL in Panto in preston, and havent looked back since.
from then we continued to stalk Gareth all over the UK to see Blue Gillespie play. many a good time was had, new friends made, and now we are called a Corset of Gillespians.
to all my friends out there who i have gigged with you peeps are awesome.

also this year managed to get to a few conventions, again Hub 4 and Hub 5 stalking Gareth (again) and to my con going friend you guys are also awesome, many of u i see at the gigs anyway.

you are a fantastic group of ppl, and i wouldnt change this year or you lot for anything.
i am really happy i met you all.

also i was lucky to meet a lovely group of mishawives,(and mishahubby) Misha along with taking over the world has slowly crept into my life too, and every month we meet and fangirl over misha and write porn in his name, many a fun time has been had. you peeps are also fantasticly brilliant, and i love you all.

also in real life i became a fully qualifyed driving instructor, WHOOT! a little scary not that i am all now growed up and have a career, never thort that would happen, but YEA i really enjoy it, and its even been fun teaching people in the snow!

i hope next year will bring lots of fun friends and good times like this year has.
God Bless you all.


Blue gillespie

For people who havent heard Gaz's band. listen now!

player behind the cutCollapse )

DeanBear Eye of teh Tigger

for anyone not seen it yet.
DeanBear has his moment of glory...

tooth fairy

just got back from cinema from watching tooth fairy

LOL! loved it. but now my brian is comming up with a j2 tooth fairy version!!!!! with Jensen playin for the canucks, jared being the new young one, and misha being the tooth fairy trainer thingy...
PLOT BUNNIES!!!! they only die in my head, need someone to write this!!!


OK so they keep saying there might be a new series of Torchwood.

but then they build the new Tardis INSIDE the Hub set...
look the Torchwood Dragon behind the Doctor...
PROOF UNDER CUT!!!!!Collapse )

new mood theme



HYPER ABI IS HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!


am not ded yet!

LOL i havent updated since the blue gillespie gig in March... DOH!!!!!
oh well i am still allive.

Blue Gillespie Gig Glasgow

in the words of Barrowman...

"FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

really enjoyed the gig!
my first blue gillespie gig! and WOW why hadnt i gone to any before???? 
thouroughly enjoyable!
cut for copious amounts of GDL picsCollapse )

random meme thingy

Stolen off eireinn 

. What curse word do you use the most?
Frack, smeg, shit, bollocks, bugger, but mostly Frack

2. Do you own an iPod?
No, I have a non-iPod MP3 player sony walkman

3. What person on your flist do you talk to the most?

lady_carrie  or steerpikesister as i live near them

4. What time is your alarm clock set to?
depends what day it is. i try not to use one, and just wake up as late as i can! but sundays it is set for 9.23

5. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?
Yes, he's called Marc

Read more...Collapse )

Jack Bear Inturupted

incase you missed it on twitter.
violet_indiana drew a little picture on my white board! LOL!
inspired by my nekid Jack Bear!

30th Birthday Party

Heya Flist,
this is your invite if you missed all teh others or if youre not on facebook, or i somehow inadvertedly missed you of the list.


Party 20th March
(thats the north east of england!!!....)

Do come,
its will be fun.

Bouncy Castle, Massive Tardis Cake.
Fancy Dress

and fangirly sleep over on the sat night. (if coming to sleep over plz bring sleeping bag!)

See you there!!!

Barrowman in Panto

ok peeps!

i've come to a decision!

will be booking tickets for Barrowman on the Sunday 9th Jan
the last performance at 7pm  of Aladin in Glasgow
(am thinkin gof going to mattanee too maybe... but not booking yet!)

am booking them this friday.
if anyone wants me to book theirs tell me can i can book as a group!

am gonna try get seats closest to the front, i looked today and they had seats in row K. which is row 11.
they were 27.50 plus a booking fee.


day one here

then on the sat it was time for Gareth! YEA!

the queue was MASSIVE!!!!!!!! but we managed to entertain ourselves, by vicky groping Darth Vader, and Vader killing Jack, you know teh usual ways one keeps onself ammused! LOL!

cut for copious amounts of picsCollapse )


SFX Report (better late than never)

SFX... AWESOME weekend,

 On first arrival we found a shiny tardis with a lovley Doctor!!!!



copious amounts of picsCollapse )

COntinues on Sat

Frodo Bear and Owens labcoat

ok, so i've been a little busy the past week!

made another labcoat for Dr Bob Bear for auctioning off in Australia,
and i made a Frodo Bear for my friend Beka,
and i made Owen's Labcoat for Sarah.

ok so pics
Frodo Bear

more pics under this cut!!!! Collapse )

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