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Asylum Report aka MISHA IS MADE OF AWESOME (friday report)

HEYA all
am back home, and i now has tinternet!!!!!

*waves tocs_whitewolf   , ir0nically_no  , and brumy_gal * HEYA

so had a fab time at Asylum and this was due to my roomies and  Misha being made of Awesome!!!!

in fact if you look up AWESOME in the fangirl dictionary it reads
AWESOME = Misha (@mishacollins) Collins
and yes his twitter is real!!!! FUCK YESH!!!!!!!

ok. firday was a little bit of a nightmare as the printers had fucked up and the packs haddnt arrived yet with all the rego pacs etc. then when they did arrive HALF (no lie) of them were missing inportant stuff like autograph tickes and photo op tickets
so that was a few ques of fun.


the boys met the bears for the first time, YEA!!!! alas no acutal squeezin as they were sittin on chairs (hence why i look taller than i am!!! LOL)
but YEA

the camera man said "you know you've made it when you're a Bear" and then one of them replyed "Yeah, you're a bear!" (i thinks it was Jared...)
(am loving the amused eyebrows on jensen, and Jared's grin!

note to self, try not to hold bears by the crotch!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

then there was another joinin of ques for the Friday night autographs.

took 3 pics in here (two before i got told off and one cos Misha said we could.

Pretty Matt who played young daddy winchester!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  he has LOVELY eyes and is REALLY pretty!!!!!!!!

and Freddie who is YED who is cool too and said "Hi i'm Freddie" to every guest who came up for a auto on friday (or it seamed he did!)

it was quite amusing thou cos there was a girl two peeps in front of me who was Abi too, so when about 4 of the guests said, oooh another Abi... when they were personilizing the autos.. LOL!!!!!!!! *waves to the other Abi!*

we went past jason Manns table, and since Misha was holdin the que up a bit (YEAH) we managed to talk to Jason for a bit. (he is MINT) he liked the Bears, and when i was jsut about to drop them  i managed to do a funky move and threw them both up in the air and then caught them again in a better bear holdin position all without droppin them... LOL total fluke.
he was quite ammused by this.

then we got to MISHA!!!!!!!!! (who is made of AWESOME)
His Minder saw the bear and said OMG LOOK MINI YOU!!!!!!! to Misha

cs_whitewolf  introduced him to Castiel Bear and Misha (made of awesome) Collins asked for a hug.
so CS handed him over, and asked for a pic. he grinned and turned to his minder person and said, turn away you cant see this, then posed for the pic! OMG FLAIL!!!!!!!!!! HE IS AWESOME
this is the one that i took on my phone,
  managed to twitter it to the world  within minuits of meeting him so you've prob seen it before!!! LOL!)

then i Intorduced him to Sam and Dean Bears and he love them too and joked, "SO who are they then?) then laughed when i said sammy and dean beaers, and he said Who?? never heard of them.. (he was in kinda a playfull mood!!!! AHHHHHHH MISHA!!!!!!!!)

then i asked him about Twitter conversation went like this...

"So How is the pony?"
"Er WHAT?"
"Um are you on Twitter?"
"Twitter, what is that?"
"it a tinternet thing, someone on twitter claims that they are you..."
"Nope never heard of it"
"oh, well whoever they are they are really quite amusing and awesome, so um... never mind..."
then he paused, and then grinned and said
"Nah am just shitting you it is me!"

(hehehe yes he did swear!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!)

so then i asked if he really ate the pony, and he said, just the hounches,
then went on to explain that in OZ he said that he thought Castiel had a lot of cronies. and he was misheard and thought to have said ponies, and then everything just grew from there!!!!
check him out at twitter its worth a LOL become a MIinion of Misha @mishacollins

then we went on to Richard... aka the Trixter, i heard someone a bit infrot om me, What have you got on your shirt... and me being me, look at his shirt and said quite loudly the first think that came to mind

woops, he had a bright orange Rooster on his shirt. why i ididn't say Rooster i have no idea, but i blame Misha for fryin my brain!!!!

he hears me, and turns round to show ppl in the que the back of his shirt and it says "Year of the Cock" on the back of his shirt! LOL!!!!
an dhe grinned at me and continued to sign stuff.
then when i get to him, i say hi, and he grins then signs my big pic

Abi - Its
the year of the...
-Richard Speight Jr

hehehe AWESOME!!!!!!! i think i made an impression for randomly shouting COCK by mistake!!! LOL!!!!

So that was the autographs done apart from Jared and Jensen as they had gone at 8.30pm cos it was gettin late...
so had to find them on the saturday.

so a bit of a bumpy start but twas good.
Misha being highlight of the week so far.

on to


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