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Asylum Report aka MISHA IS MADE OF AWESOME Saturday report

friday is here and that includes the squee adn flail with castiel bear meetin Misha
and the winchester "squeeze" pic of J2 and teh Dean and Sammy bear...

Saturday dawned early, me, cs_whitewolf  and ir0nically_no  got up early and joined the que to get our tickets sorted out fo teh photo shoots... or so we thought, after being in a non moovin que for about an 1hr and a half, somone came to tell us the que for queries was at the reception one not the customer service desk!!!! DOH!!!!!!! who'd a thunk it!!!!!

so we changed ques, and met someone from the Supernatural Magazine who liked the Bears havin just got a text about wether she had seen castiel bear yet, and asked us if we would like to be in the mag.
we said Hell Yeah, but sadly we didnt bump into her again...

so if ya reading this... (we can send you some pics etc!!!)

havin got our passes. we then ventured into the slowly filln up hall for the talks, managed to get near ish to the front but not that close,
and when i was wandering around someone else asked about the bears, and she was from the Birmingham Post (yea) and i did a quick interview with her, so i would love to know where that ended up!!!! and which of the Birmingham Post publications it ends up in! also had a pic with me and CS and all three bears for her newspaper!!! LOL!!!!

then on to the talks and operning cermany.
as usual it was running late.

opening ceremany got every one on stage PRETTY

but first talk of the day was Jared and Jensen. (YEA!!!!!!)
and Jared mentioned that he had a bath this morning, and Jenen agreed and said he smelled nice. and Jared said he hadnt had a bath in YEARS and jensen also agreed to it. and then mentioned had he finally found a bath he could fit in? and then did an impression of Jared in teh bath.... (quite how he knows what Jared looks like in the bath is left to our imaginations!!!! LOL!!

cant remember much of panel cos of squee its J2 on stage!!! *FLAIL* but i did take a few pics




then i missed the next talk cos i had to go meet Jared!!!! YEA!!!!!!

OMG I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we joined the Jared only autograph que and OMG flail h eis so pretty in RL!!!!!!! and when he was signing my pics he said
"Oooh i like this pic, it was during season 1 and 2, hevent seen this in ages!"

then i intorduced him to Sam Bear properly, and he noticed the charlie the unicorn t-shirt he said

"Is that a charlie the unicorn t-shirt?"
and i said "yes i made it"
and he was like all open mouthed and gleefull... (his version of a FLAIL i think!!!) he looked so happy!!!
then OMG EYE CONTACT!!!!! and he shook my hand and said nice to meet you!
me - *FLAIL* OMG HE SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!! LOVEY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i grinned and said have a good day.

OMG I MET JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *FLAIL*

his hair was sooooooo lushest and floaty light and mmmmm he's like a cross between Orli and Johnny on pirates...but clean and pretty!!

then we was quing for the Jensen photo opp...

and YEA JENSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but GRRRRRR to the staff, cos they said NO PROPS put the Bear on teh table WTF PPL!!!!!!!! dont steel my SQUEEE! i'm not even aloud to hold my bear in a pic i paid money for ????????? WTF!!!!!!!!! this really pissed me off!.
i can understand not asking them (jensen) to hold it, but what is the harm of me holding my OWN friggin bear??? *FEK!!!!!!!!!!!!*

anyhoo.... i was an ok pic, but am REALLY upset with the way Asylum did the whole photos. it seams like they are only in it for the Money!!!!!

but... JENSEN PRETTY!!!!!!!!!! love him too (hense why i am not as smiley in the Jensen pics to compared with my Misha or Jared one!!!!)

but HEY!!!!!! I TOUCHED JENSEN's back cos they didnt say no touching of the pretty! just no props !!!!!!!!!!!! (FEK YOU ASYLUM!!!!!!!!! )

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm JENSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then after this we went to realax and calm down in the hall and listen to Freddie's talk.
oooh he brought a Guitar with him and sung to us!!!!

he sang Sympathy for the Devil (Guns n Roses) but he changed a few lyrics LOL so that they were supernatural esk.
ie he mentioned killin John Winchester, and mentioned he was Azazel!!!!
dude that man is talented!!!
then he told a few jokes and did some q&a;s

then after Freddie was Gabe and Malik (aka Simon and agent Hendrikson)


Malik is pretty and cool!!!!
he said he was just out dancing at the Rainbow Wearhouse on friday night and said he loves to dance.
Gabe said he doensnt like to dance.


at one point Gabe got all quite and upset and malik stood up and went behin dhis chair and gave him a hug and said Hakuna matata in his ear and Gabe cheared up then they held hands!!!! LOL

they are soooooo cute!!!!!!

then it was lunch time

After lunch it was time for Jensen autographs! *FLAIL* JENSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LONG LONG que!!!!
kel supprize!!!
but SO worth the wait!
he signed the first auto and didnt look up, so i said, Hiya i'd like you to meet Dean Bear!
and he looked up and at Dean Bear, and then at me, and (omg EYE CONTACT !!!!!!!! FLAIL!!!!!! SO PRETTY)

and i said, Believe it or not they dont make leather jackets to fit bears so i had to make it myself
and he said
"Awesome" and showed a toothy smile!
me - *FLAIL*

then he must have wondered why i was still standin there as he had signed two pics for me... and i pointed to the big autograph picture and said thats also mine, and he pulled it accorss the table and signed it MASSIVLY!!!!!!!!! hehehe go go Jensen!!!!
then he looked up and smiled and said nice to meet you.
and i smiled and said have a good day. and thank you.

OMG HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTYER in person than on TV!!!! and mmmmm almost dean stubble!!!!!!! VERY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!

made it back to the hall just in time for Misha!

mish mish talk! OMG HE IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some one asked him about the plutonic friendship between Dean and Cas, and how Cas's feelings might affect his angelness.. or something
he stopped her in the middle of trying to word her question right, and said So are you asking if Dean and Cas were having the big gay sex??? and then said, get your mind out of the gutter!!!!!!

so so funny!!!! oh mish she was asking about the frendship.. NOT the Lovers thingy LOL!!!!!

was sitting REALLY far back so no good pics!!!!

had too leave to go to jared photo shoot, but the que was far too long so me and cs_whitewolf kept comming back in to hear as much of mish as poss cos the boy is funny!!!!!

they tried to tell me oh put ya bag on the table, and i said He's a teddy, not a bag, and they said ok. but no  props. and i said i'm gonna hold him, dont worry,
and i jolly well was gonna have Sammy in the picture!!!!!!

and then when i got to Jared, he said, "Ooooooh Sam Bear! Hey Sam Bear," and grinned, and that made me Happy!!!!!!!!!!! *FLAIL*hense my big grin!!!!!!!!!!! 
yeah you cant steel my Squeeee for too long Asylum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAN I LOVE JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yup i'm wearing my Charlie the Unicor t-shirt but Sammy is kinda hiding it from veiw!!! LOL!!!

then went back in for rest of mish mish's talk!
and came back to hear him talking about Dean/Cas slash fic!!!! oh mish!!!!!! you really do know how to please fangirls dont ya!!!! LOL!!!!
he had the audience in stitches!!!! but i cant remember much of it!!! Oh cos i was giggling too much!!!!

what the frack how did i miss out my misha pic times??????????????
i blame mum for distractin mw with dinner!!!! (NOOOOOOO I FAIL AS A MINION! PLEASE FORGIVE ME MISHMISH)

after his talk he went to do pics, so we his loyal minions went to gets pics
we were really hoping he would be standin up cos we wanted a mish squish.
and BOY did we.

cs_whitewolf brought castiel bear with her for the opp but i left the boys with ir0nically_no as keepin teh seats warm for the Jared panel.

OMG MISHA IS AWESOME!!!!!! he was full of hugs. and he tried to nick casbear from CS durin the pic! LOL!!!! see her LJ for the account!!!!

here is me with @mishacollins

FLAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes my hand is on his stomach!!!  hehehehehe!!!! EPIC FLAIL!!!!!!!! if i had mooved my hand a little lower that would have been NAUGHTY FANGIRL! but i was being good :-)


me and cs_whitewolf were sufficiently hyper after this.
Misha Made the Weekend Worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!


then there was a vid comp. winnin vid quite funny!!!

then JARED talk! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!
what did he talk about???????? , i really cant remember! (DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

but pretty...

was still a little too far back to get pics but had to ZOOM ZOOM!!!




i think thats enough of fuzzy pics by now!!!!
that was the last talk of the day.

then it was time for the Jason Manns concert

YEA JASON!!!!!!!!!!!

the bears at the concert!!!

i seamed to be the only one with a Jason Manns t-shirt on!!!! weird!!!!

then it was the Heaven and hell disco,
and bed.
and then getting up at 5.30 again then next morning!!!!

on to sunday

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  • in other news here is a pic of my new (ish) bears

    Meet Poe and Finn

  • WTF

    seriously??? i havent posted since LAST asylum ??? and now am packing for this asylum! it seams all i do is go to SPN cons. oh well 4 sleeps til…

  • (no subject)

    previously at asylum6 Sunday Woke up bright and early. All ready to get J2 photo opp. YEA! I had a Mark coffe lounge that clashed so they put me…