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Asylum Report aka MISHA IS MADE OF AWESOME sunday report

friday here
saturday here

once again got up at 5.30 am.
got to Que quite close to front. by the time it was 8.50 there were twice the amount of ppl in front of us!
awesome que system ppl!!!! 

managed to get to about row 7. so YEA!!!!!!!!

kicked off with Richard panel.

talked about when he was in england before filming band of brothers, and he told us his address from 7 years ago. and how he went back to find the two pubs he used to drink in and found one was a starbuck and the other was something else, so he claimed it was his drinking there that kep tthem open  and since when he left they had to close

he also mentioned he was staying in a castle with a moat with Jared and Jensen , and it wasnt a good idea to stay up drinkin with the boys cos now he was really tired!!! LOL!!!!

(dunno if the castle this was tru, but they were all stayin in a different hotel)

he also said lots of research was done for filming band of brothers, and he had to track down his characters family and find out snippets of info so that they could get the stories correct!.

Next was the Jason manns and Jensen panel!

LOL!!!! Jason has a way of getting random facts and funny info out of Jensen!!!!
someone asked if he had any pets,
and he mentioned he had one by default, and told us the story of how Danneel had rang him up on eday to tell him she had bought a puppy,. cos it was sooooo cute,
and jensen told us he pictured a very manly dog that would grow up nice and big like Harley or something, so he asked what it was, and Danneel told him it was a Cockapoo... as in a cocker spaniel / poodle cross.

oh and he said he loved Danneel and he got a big AWWWWWW! (hehehe so cute!!!!!!!)

then Jason butted in sayin that it is a VERY bouncy hyperactive dog, and would bounce up and down in one spot when Jensen would get home, and Jason held up his hand to higher than waist height to show how high it would bounce!!!!!!

then Jensen said he was called Icarus..( the guy who flew too close to sun. in greek mythology..) then got out his phone and showed us a picture. its white and quite cute!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

he also mentioned that Icarus was friends with Harley and Sadie.
he got an AWWWWWWW for that!!!

anyone manage to get a pic of the dog?????? cos i just managed to miss it... see...

GUH!!!!!!! KNEE PORN!!!!!!!!!

was asked what he would nick from set when they were all finished, and Jensen said he wanted the Impala that he drives , he said there was 5 impala's so if anyone else wanted one it should be ok, but he wanted the drivable one!!!!
said there was one that was sat on a trailer thiny sothat he didnt really have to drive in teh scenes that had lots of just them drivin and talking etc, and did a little action of pretending to drive with just one hand on steering wheel!

also he did a random little dance but my camera was playin up and i couldnt see what pics i was takin and i got an accidental crotch shot when he was dancin!!!! (ok so i got 3 accidental crotch shots!!!!! dude i swear it was accidental... but here are all 3!!!! LOL!!!)

after Jensen it was Gabe and Malik again! and boy they didnt disapoint!!!!

Malik said he was sorry he didnt come out dancin with us all for the party sat night, but the bus didtn pick him up, he seamed v.disapointed,
so he got some volentieers up on stage to dance with him! WOW! quite amusing, they got a little Malik dancing action!!!!

then Gabe mentioned he was good at karate, and somehow break dancin was mentioned and then Malik was up again doing some break dancin on stage!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!

then they malik decided that Gabe needed everyone to shout his name 10 times really loud like a football chant, so we did
and gabe was like oooh now i feel special, now shout Malik's name 10 times! so we did!

yesterday Gabe had mentioned that his friend and him were in a long term argument about super powers his friend thinkin that teleporting was much better than mind control, but gabe stuck by his power and said his was best cos you could use mind control on ANYONE.
and his friend said but with teleporting you could teleport into a bank get all the money and teleport out no worries,
gabe said yeah but you'd end up on the most wanted list, but with mind control you could just walk into the bank and ask for money and you;d get it and you wouldn tbe on the wanted list.
then friend said, but if you were on an airplane and it was crashin someone with teleport abilities could just teleport away,  to which he had replied but why would some one who teleports be on a plane in the first place.
and this he said was where the argument had got to. with his friend not havin a come back,
he said he didnt tell his friend that it wouldnt solve the problem of the mindcontrol person still being on the crashing plane, and he asked us of any ideas so he could win the argument.

so fangirl comes up to the mike wit a solution... The mind control works with voice powers Yes? so just ask God to save the crashing plane!!! since mind control works on anyone who was listenin to his voice.

Gabe thort this was an AWESOME comeback and said he was gonna tell his friend!!!

Gabe mentioning a film Skills Like This, and then the IT guy puttin it up on screen and gabe started talkin to the screen like it could hear his commands... which was highly amusing...

then Freddie came back on for his panel, but i had to go to my jason manns photo shoot. YEA!

he was standin and huggin ppl too, so i asked him what was his policey on holdin bears, and said he didnt mind, yea! (havin met them friday when we was in teh autograh que)

so i got a pic with me holdin Sam Bear and him holding Dean bear.
but due to the lovely organization skilz of asylum i hasnt got it yet
should be comming in the post in a few days...

then was lunch
then was Jared and jason Panel.

Jason started tellin a story that Jensen had told him about Jared puttin on sunglassed to cover up him cryin when watchin Marley and Me on a flight.
ans Jared stopped him sayin that Jensen hadnt started at the beginnin of the story...
Jared and jensen were on a plane, and Jared look accross to jensen and sees him tryin not to cry, and jared thinks WTF what is he watchin, adn Jenen tells him its Marley and Me, and Jared havin read the book didnt think that the film would make him cry...
an then his buddy sittin next to him on the plane was cryin too at the film, so Jared thinks right ok am gonna watch it, it REALLY can tbe that bad can it??? so he starts watchin it,
and he then put on sunglasses so that Jesen wouldnt see him cry at the film after havin mocked him for cryin..

Ahhhhh BOYS!!!!!!! this makes me love them more!!!!!!!!!!!

other bits of panel -

jared mentioning Harley was big dumb and slow, and sadie was smart and hyper.
and described the best thing to do with a hyper puppy / dog was to give it COPIOUS amounts of excersise, and mentioned a random ball throwin device that kinda flicks/flings the ball far and fast so the hyper dog can go leggin after it!
he called it a really cool name but cant remember!

(in the que for autographs me and cs_whitewolf had been discussing that Jared would be awesome as Frank-n-furter in Rocky Horror as he had awesome legs and Jensen would be awesome as Rocky as he was soooo pretty!!!
(yup that is a J2 waiting to happen!!!)
we were talkin to a lady and she managed to get to the mike to tell Jared that we thought he would make a good
Frank-n-furter, but he had only seen bits of the film and asked is that the pretty one?
to which we replyed its the Tim Curry one with the fish net stockings... he didnt really reply, and then she asked her question, which i totally have NO idea what it was as me and CS were too busy squeein over her actually telllin him about it! LOL!
as i was too chicken to ask him!!! LOL

someone asked Jared if he ever nicked anything from the set, and he said
at the end of series 1 he was sitting inthe impala and the last scene where the impala was wrecked and they didnt know if they were getting a second series, and the horn thingy was just staring him in the face he just *YOINK* i;m having that. and nicked it from the car,
and OMG he used the word YOINK it was so funny and cute!!!!!

then Amy Matt and Samantha pannel!
OMG matt has SUCH tight jeans on!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

Matt kept just randomly sayin Jared or Jensen or Misha's name so that he would get a cheer after his answers bless him!!!


and then the main even himself

misha panel.

so many manny funny stuff!!! that man is a genious!!!!!
he apears on stage with a tin hat! we always knew he was one of us!!!!

just as Misha was about to start, we  hear Jared tryin to do an inpression of Castiel *i raised you from perdition* just sayin that line a few times
then he apears and says hiya to everyone and apolgises that he wasnt gonna be able to come to the closin ceromony,

and then presents Misha with some wings.
LOL!!!! so cute

then misha gets Jared to wear the tin hat too! LOL!!!!!!!!

someone asked him if he had a dinner party with anyone from history who would it be and include at least one woman,
he said ok, he mentioned someone still alive cant remember who (miley cirus????) then said oh oh further back in history,
Eleanor Rosenvelt, Barbra Bush, and Adolf Hitler,
but he;d have to cook something vegitarian cos hitler was a vegitarian!...

someone asked a question that sounded like, Are you a fan girl. to which misha answered that he was a fangirl ,and damn you for ratting him out, cos he had lasted this long under cover, and now everyone will know!
and said he was the Fangirl who Could.
and he mentioned the fan who had crashed the set and pretended to be a PA for teh day, and he said he was so much better than that, cos he managed to get to be an Angeland was now in too deep for anyone to do anything about it so they better keep him in teh show!

another question was what super power would you have?
 - making turnips apear magically, so there would be turnips just poppin up under seats and stuff.

he mentioned yesterday that he was an awesome cheif and could coujour up a meal with just a soggy carot and an onion... he said the turnips would complement this.

also someone was aparently kneeling at the front of the stage tring to take pics of Misha's crotch, and he kept mentining the potographer, adn asked if she got the perfect shaft shot???

he also tried to apologise if he offended slash fans yesterday, adn said they shouldnt be so easy to offend then went on to say he loved all of it. adn
said we all did perveted things in life, and he did too, and that he knew they were all G rated  and it was all about playin with lego adn random stuff, and he likes to inult people cos it makes him laugh and that ppl shouldn t be so easy to offend...

he said something about wearing a pony badge when he was in teh green room with the boys
the badge said
"enough with the pony's already"

and J2 we like WTF whats with the pony's

and misha was like, well Fuck you guys if ya not following me on twitter you dont deserve to know.

then he he said to us Dont tell them, its like our secret, (this to a room of 1000 ppl!!!!) LOL misha you crack us up!!!!

was quite amusing

Dougie came on stage and got boo'd off, and Misha told us off. Dougie then came back with some red bull for misha and
misha said he souldnt drink too much cos it makes him pee!
to which we all laughed.

then Dougie wanted Misha to auction off his script. Misha was WAY TOO amusing when doing this!! he refused to use pounds as it was silly money, and wanted to do it in real money ie dollers! LOL

then he said it was for charity and asked Dougie what charity it was for, and Misha said he had never heard of it! LOL!!!

script was signed by Kripke, jared, jensen, and misha, and it was misha's script for In the Beginning. (i think...)

then Dougie told Misha taht Jensen was still signing autographs and could be continue???

so we got double misha...

more hilarity ensued!!!

then Gabe and Malik came back on stage and for about 10 mins it was all 3 of them... LOL!!!

then misha disapeared after telling everyone loudly to FUCK OFF!!!! which was REAAALLLY funny! i really cant remember what prompted it thou!! but it was funny!

GAbe and Malik had got us to shout Misha 10 times like we had done for them in their panel earlier...

then when they were closing up, a strange voice could be heard on the microphone...
"Hiya Who has got the biggest cock? Jared or Jensen???"
i know you've seen them, why dont you answer my question???
who had the biggest cock???"

it really souded like Misha. twas REALLLY funny, but Malik managed to Ignore him in much the same way Jared and Jensen managed to deflate the question at the OZ Con about Lovers in real life / brothers on TV show... you know the one!!!

and that was the end of a FANTASTIC weekend.
Misha being Misha made it FANTASTIC!!!!!!
Misha cancelled out all of the SHIT hittin the fan with the ques etc!!!

then they all came on stage and YEA JENSEN!!!!!!! pretty!!

bye bye ALL!


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