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Feb. 27th, 2011 09:54 am (UTC)
Would you happen to have any tips on where to go in Canada or in the U.S.? I'm planning a road trip and I'm curious about what places people have liked. :)
Feb. 27th, 2011 05:52 pm (UTC)
when i went, i had a fandom trip planned, and the places i visited were all to do with what fandoms i liked... strange but true.

in no order ...

Vancouver i loved. i went there to spy supernatural locations (also a LOT of sci-fi & TV is filmed in vancouver... smallville, dark angel, x-files, battlestar galactica, stargate, so if you are looking for locations, thats the place to visit!
i loved it!)

toronto - started off here so we could travel down to the Niagra Falls, they are better to look at from teh canadian side. really impressive!

LA - really enjoyed it, massive city, beaches are lovley, check out Hollywood, and WB studios, LOTS of things to do there.

Roswell - i went there for obvs reasons, totally geeky on Aliens!

Las Vagas. - if you want to check out the nightlife and casinos its an awesome place. (also they have the Star trek experience at the Hilton there! the bar is Quarks bar from DS9)
also from here we had a trip to the grand canyon. so so AWESOME!!!! totally worth seeing! just WOW!!!! had a hellicopter ride to teh bottom of it, then a boat trip along the river looking up at the MASSIVE cliffs!!!

went to New York, its big and noisy, but got some fantastic shopping. went up the Empire State building, and out to Statue of Liberty. (has teh BIGGEST build a bear shop in the world)

Went to Indianoplis, as am a big geek on motorracing, and thats the best track to go to.

Dallas - found the place where JFK was shot,

Denver - awesome shopping, pretty city, check out 16th Street Mall. the whole road is LOTS of shops.

also visitied ST Louis (cos of the Anita blake books) went on a trip on teh river, and went up the arch. also has the first ever build a bear shop.

San fransisco, awesome city. love the Golden Gate bridge and did a senic drive of the city, cool trams too.

so thats where i went in America and canada and why.
hope this will give you some ideas when planning your trip.
i basically got a map of america and marked on all teh places i needed to see and got teh grayhound from city to city.
Feb. 27th, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)
here is a list of teh LJ entries with the pics etc of where i went
Mar. 1st, 2011 08:50 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'll have to add at least Roswell to my list! I'll go check out your travel posts now. :)
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