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previously at asylum6

Woke up bright and early. All ready to get J2 photo opp. YEA! I had a Mark coffe lounge that clashed so they put me in as one of the first to go thru again, this seams to be the best way to jump the ques, who’da thunk it!
So not long to wait and even thou it was first thing it was still running it close, to the mark pannel and missing the start of the coffee lounge! AHH!
there is one other in the que also going to Marks coffee lounge Minja who i met Friday night. YEA!
We get there and there are no chairs in site! YES!!!!! J2 are standing, we ACTUALLY get to squish inbetween them! THANK YOU PTB!!!!! Special thanks to Donna who orchstrated this! MANY HUGS!!!!!
So so glad that they were standing up !!! this made my weekend!! Only been waiting for 2 years for a PROPPER WINCHESTER SQUEEZE!

Then after this we have to dash to Marks coffee lounge collecting vicky on the way and we meet again Sofia *waves* YEA!

Mark is hillarious and so so british, he wont back down from a point he is tryign to make, word to the wize, think out your question well before asking him cos he has ways of making you try and trip up! He never answeres a question he doesnt want to answer! And twists and turns it till u cant remember what it was about in the first place, totally awesome time, and Vicky managed to ask him what his hellhoud would be called and he said it didnt have a name, and vic said that it should be called Growley and he loved it! And said that he would tell Ben Edland that! *WHOOT!* go VIC!!!!

After that it was time to see richard on stage again, quicly before it was time for pics with Mark. So briefly caught him on stage, running around like a mad thing! YEA RICHARD!”

And then time for me and vic to molest Mark again! HEEHEHEH!

And then it was marks time on stage and richard crashed his panel, obs he didnt think he had enough stage time!
And told the really bad joke - Why is my hand like a pie?
-its got my ring on it.

Obs it only works in richards lovley southern accent, but it seamed to crack everyone up! YEA!
Then mark came out with Richard comes from a state where the population has 34 teeth between them, and a good chat up line would be nice tooth!.
These two are hillarious!!!!!

And then times for richard and mark double pic opp. YEA!!!! The pics hadnt been printed yet as they ran outta time, so will update posr when they arrive..
But when it cam to us, i had mine with me in middle and richard and mark each side no worries,
Then when it came to me and vic with them with me and vic on outside, at the last moment mark thort it woul dbe a better idea to hug richard instead so am left like a lemon on the outside not knowing what to do, gah! Story of my life. Want a hug from a boy, boy hugs other boy istead. Oh well ,hope it turns out ok, to pay them back i am gonna request some Crowley/Gabe fic please!
They brought it on themselves! They are so easy to slash when they do that!!!!

Wait i missed out saying that they decided to get Danneel and Genivive to sign stuff also. So i managed to get Gen’s auto and managed to speek to Danni but they had ran outta pics for Danneel so i am gutted i diddnt get her auto! *sad face*
Danni saw the Bears and saw Dean had his mokawk on from Ten Inch Hero and said that they were adorable! *flail* YEA she liked my SPN bears. !!!
And they were both signing the autos with their married names. Genivive Padalecki and Danneel Ackles ! *FLAIL* YEA!!!!!!!

Then it was lunch.

After lunch we had fred on stage telling everyone he had killed someone last night cos they had pissed him off so he grabed him by the throat and pulled his trachia out and fed it to him as he choked, then dumped the body in the bushes behind the hotel, so it would be his last day of freedom today as he freely addmited he killed the guy,
Now we know why he was cast for yellow eyes. HE IS HIM!!!!!!
it continued on in this kinda madness.
And then time for Brock and Cindy panel! These two were AWESOME!!!!
they were really good on stage together. Brock seames SO shy so cindy did most of the talking saying that brock needed more time to think of responses as he was too pretty,

Some one asked what scene of jensen’s did brock want to do, and he said the ones where he gets to make out with cindy,

And then they start holding hands! So so adorable!
Another question was do you think lisa dressed dean when he was livign with her as he looked WAY better dressed, and she said she didnt know, but she knows Genivive dressed Jared this morning, and then added and i dressed Brock but thats only cos of last night,
(they were being really flirty at teh concert the night before and when Richard was singing I only love you when i’m drunk she started sitting on brocks kneee. Lol) there is a vid of it on youtube... but they were playin up it all the next day and drawing tatoos on eachother and mark started thryin to spread roumers! Lol! Really funny!
And then Fred crashed the pannel and asked Brock whether he thouhg cindy had a sassy ass or a spanky ass. Nad brock started bluching! Bless him. And then said that he thought cindy had a spanky ass and brock had a sassy ass. Fred is a bad boy!!!

After that it was the J2 panel!
And that was awesome,
Teh boys were thisr usual awesome selves,
They told us that they hadnt heard of stonehenge appocylpse until one if the producers caught it on scifi chanel and then the next day tehy had a modle of stonehenge built up and then in mishas next scene thye had it brought on covered up with a cloth and then supprised misha with it and uncovered it when the This is spinal tap music played. They cracked themselves up about this when they found out about stonehenge appocylpse! Hehehe!

They also said it got to a point that sometimes misha cant do his scenes when the boys are on the same set as him cos they crack him up too much and at one point they had to be escorted off set so that misha could finish his scene so he wouldnt laugh.

This time cindy crashed the panel and asked who was the best female actor on supernatural and the lads answered Richard Spt jr. And at that moment Richard sprinted accross the front of the stage, and jensen said he looked like a gizzelle he ran so fast,. It was hillarious!!!!

Cant remember much else, but they were looking very pretty, and it was an awesome weekend.
It was a good pannel to finish on.

Well until next time.ttfn


May. 19th, 2011 12:16 pm (UTC)
Sounds like an amazing weekend! And I'm loving the fact that Gen and Danneel were signing stuff, too :)

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