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JackBears adventures in Washington DC

Washington, the Capital,
such a lovey city.

Arriving on the Tues early evening we had a quite night in, with free food! Huzzah, we like DC already, we watched a few more eppisodes of Heroes. heheh i think i got Beka addicted! but Hiro is sooooooo cool! (squeee)

Wednesday morning, JackBear wanted to wear his red braces today, and really didnt want to put his boots or trousers on, but i told him i was gonna leave him behind if he didnt, so he got dressed just in time and we set off getting the X2 bus into town, 

arriving at the whitehouse, there is some kinda protest going on, (but there are like 7 ppl protesting) but it means there are a few cute coppers around! (didnt manage to get a pic of them thou!) one of them comes over to us as JackBear and MiniJack are having their pics taken, and starts speaking to us, and makes instant friends with JackBear!!! and he asks what he is called and if we were getting pics of him everywhere we went! 

we then walked on to the Wahington Monument, and we walked past some really funky buildings

and had a good view of the other side of the whitehouse...

The Washington Monument - 

As we get closer we get better pics and find a good wall to stand on, JackBear decides he wants to jump off, so it takes a while to get him to stand still! (bloody wind! but at least its quite a nice sunny day.. not to hot, not to cold, and a nice refreshing breeze!)

JackBear, MiniJack, Sam and Eeyore, all happily sitting on the wall.

Ooooh Shiny water fountins

We make our way towards the Lincoln Memorial. JackBear wants another pic... or two...

Looking towards the Lincoln Memorial

And towards the Washington Monument.

Finally we make it to the Lincoln Memorial,

the dude himself, 
and the view from the top of the stairs

we-hey - wonky picture on a automatic self timer!! heheh

i keep my eye out for the Bench that Mulder sat on at the end of the X-Files film, as i'm sure it was kinda in this area?????? unless i am compleatly imagining things... You quit, i quit remember....  
was this the bench?? well i got a pic in case it was...

Then we walked on to the Smithsonian museams... (or in Bones they are called the Jeffersonian Museams) we kept our eyes open for Agent Booth but we didnt see him,  but the buildings were groovey thou!

this is the Info center, they called it the Smithsonian Castle.

in the info center there was a cool model of the city... shiny

After asking th einfo lady wether she had heard of Bones, we found out it was set in mostly in the building accross the street, in the Museam of Natural History, we decide to pay it a quick visit.

on the way over we get a fantastic view of the Capital Building!
Shiny! (didnt this get blown up in Independance Day?)

Then on to the Natural History Museam.

ooooh lookie an Oliphant!!

and lookie DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heheheh)

bones bones lots a bones!!!

Did I tell you JackBear was a Time Traveler????

Lookie  - Its Myfanwy! or one of her relitives anyhooo!!!

and then we saw the Jaws of a Megalodon!!!!!!!! (hehehe Shark Atack 3!!!!!!! JB fangirl moment!)


thats a BIG tooth!!!

we then went to the Africal section! and they had pretty animals! ooooh big puddy tats!!!

and rhino!!! big horned dude!

Actually, wasn't this building used for Night at the Museam? the one with Ben Stiller????

then we went to Find the FBI building.. (hehehe Mulder wherefore out thou???)

when taking these pics some one came up to us and asked who the action figure was, i said Cpt Jack, and she said, Oh wow, so it is, 
Dr who has just had the finale but dont tell me what happens at the end of torchwood! 
(Yea miniJack was recognised!!!!!)

i was madly excited taking pics of the J Edgar Hoover Building! oh X-files how i miss thee!!

Just after this pic was taken some guy in a smart suit asked us if we had a licence for the bear? and i replyed that he didnt need one as he was outside the goverment and beyoned the police... he looked at me strangely and walked quicky away... now that  i think of it, he looked like an FBI agent... so prob not a good thing to tell him that the bear was outside the goverment... oh well!

we then walked the National Archives, and Squeed for IantoBears sake, and Jack wanted a pic for IantoBear to prove that he did actually think of him when on holiday!!!

We walked on to the Capital Building and in one of the carparks, Jack claimed his ride home... unfortunatly we didnt have the keys!

so on to the Captial Building before JackBear got too excited over a shiny RangeRover! 

And as the sun set, so ended our fab day in Washington!

Day two to follow...



Oct. 13th, 2007 03:22 am (UTC)
mwaaa! they cant find me! tis a pretty building thou!

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