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Roswell - the Quest Continues

Roswell... the home of the "Incedent of 1947"
Did aliens actually crash here in 47??? was it a Weather Balloon, or is the American government covering up shiny tech from the future...
We set off from Dallas to Investigate.
this is our findings... 

On the evening of the first day we went to the shops... and WOW!!!! they really wanna tell you they had aliens visiting!!! they had painted the wall with shiny pictures... we were soon to find out the whole town was liek this!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

and DUDE!!!! have you seen the pumpkins!!! we dont have em this big in England!!! must be the alien influence!

Next day we set of investigating, with our investigation feet... now where was that UFO museam??? hehehe

we found the Info center and the convention centre... but where was the UFO one???

and sweet, lok at the streetlights.. nothing escapes them aliens!!!

YEA!!!!!!!!!!! we founds it! 

so we go inside, and JackBear finds a crashed alien ship!

and the markings of a MAJOR goverment conspiricy!!!!
why else would they put things like.... what to do if you encounter alien life forms... in their operation manuels!?!?!?!

heheh!!!! reminds me of the Torchwood operation manuels!!! hehehe FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a part of the Ship... analyzed by experts... and found to be totally strange and unusual!!! 

JackBear still looking for aliens... (ITS BEHIND YOU)

Mulder and Scully were even on the case, a few posters were up in the museam too!!! excellent!

I want to Believe!!!!

is this really what the Goverment hand out to identify different aircraft???.... Deny Everything!!!

i dont think Batman or Kirk would be too pleased to have thier beloved ships identifyed as weather balloons...

Is that Ant and Dec doing that Alien Autopsy

JackBear watches on as the alien autopsy takes place

Having looked around the UFO museam, we come to the conclusion that SOMETHING definatly crashed and it certanly WAS NOT a weather balloon

if it was aliens the government did a really naff job of keeping it quiet, but then most people dont believe in Aliens do they???  so maybe they did thier job ok... well the TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!! some day we might find out what really happened but the 21st century is when everything changes, and you Gotta be ready!!!

We looked around the town, and sadly the place where the Crashdown Cafe (in the tv series Roswell) used to be had closed about 3 years ago, but we asked a shop dude and he pointed it out, 

this is it, and yea the saucer is still there! huzzah!

everything in this town seams obsessed by aliens and flying saucers... i love it!!!!

but all this alien hunting makes one VERY hungry so we found a lovley mexican diner to have some grub... yum

mmmmm nachos!!!

Then we found the Zone, the Alien Zone... hehehe

and we could have drinks with the aliens

and they had their own Area 51, so in we went to see what the aliens were getting up to....

turns out they were fishing...

and watching TV

and having a BBQ

Beka meanwhile found the crashed ship...

and JackBear went to the loo...

and then went to investigate the ship...

and since OwenBear wasnt there, JackBear had to do an alien autopsey instead...

he was a little lost so i had to help...

unfortunatly i wasnt any much the wiser... so i had to destract him.... look JackBear a computer... you can hack into the government data base and see if they know about Torchwood...

then back to school again!!! the alien learning centre...

JackBear finding out new alien explodie devices.... KA-BOOOM!!!

after a hard days work for JackBear he decided to hit the pubs

and then go on a joyride with a friendly alien...

unfortunatly for him he was caught by the police and this is where naughty bears end up!!!

some of the aliens had been there since 47... poor them, they have long life spans!!!

we managed to sneek JackBear out of the prison, along with a few of the aliens and they took us for a trip to see their world, and the city they came from.. and no it wasnt Raxacoricofallapatorius!

twas a nice place, pitty we couldnt stay longer, but we had to get back to Roswell. twas a fun rde in the ship... and it took hardly any time, we arrived back 5 mins after we left. pity the Doctors Tardis didnt work as well as that!!!

then as we were wandering back JackBear spotted something he had missed before....

A Hand, a Hand in a Jar!!!! 

he wasnt a freek any more, he wasnt the only one who keeps severed hands in jars, he wondered which timelord this hand belonged to... Romana????? the Master???

it was nearly time to leave, but before we do, we had a quick trip to the Anti-Gravity Room... oh that was soo much fun, the aliens thou wernt affected by the no grav thing... strange!!!

JackBear Had more control and experience in a no grav area, and decided to show off by walking on the cealing!!! tipical!!!

but then he fell over, so all was forgiven!!!

then me and Beka made friends with JackBears friendly joyriding alien...

and ooops!!! back to the jail again!!!

but yea, i had my sonic screwdriver, so we managed to escape... again!!!

and we waved goodbye to the aliens, and JackBear put it all in a report to send to Mulder at the FBI...


so we fnd a post box for him to post the report to Mulder, i hope this trusty R2 unit will do its job !!!!

and then on to Denver...


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