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Denver - JackBears Adventures

Really cold here... what did we do?? pretty mountains, 
pretty capital building, and monuments... 

and more mountains... 

on the way to Denver we had a fantastic view of some spectacular mountains... the Rockies!!!

we arived late in the afternoon on the 24th. and went to Pete's Kitchen for some late supper. YUM!!!!!!

For Breckfast we went to Mama's diner, which was fun., and 

we met some of the locals. they were amused by our geordie accents and liked JackBear... we were ammused as to why he was wearing a mask... aparently it kept out sutff he didnt want to inhale... like dust... ok... guy with whits shirt is Dave... cant remember mask guys name... ooops

we then headed down the 16th street Mall. oooooh shopping!!! twas fun!

JackBear wanted to play chess but we didnt have any peices...
so we tryed to use the little ones... didnt really work thou!

then looked around town a bit... (ok so we spent a lot of time brousing the shops... can you blame us??) 

spotted the full moon, and howled at it, was told off by Beka... ooops

and went back to Pete's Kitchen for supper... yup, its a GOOD place!!!

next day we went investigating again... ended up in the 16th street mall again! but before we got there we found the capital building and it was pretty!

it was canny cold and JackBear nicked my new slytherin hat!!!

Eeyore and Sam on the Cannon! yea!

oooh look its kinda like the torchwood magic lift watertower thing without the water..

sorry JackBear i dont think that is the Tardis you found!!!!

IS this the Heroes symbal thingy??? cos it looks a bit like it???

at the other end of the 16th street Mall... you can see all the way down the street! sweet!

and thats all form Denver folks...

on to Vegas!!!

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