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JackBear goes to Fiji

We arrive in Fiji and i get JackBear's passport stamped i customs along with my own!
hehehe! FANTASTIC..
Thus starts a very hyper day!i am met by the Fiji tour guide, who wants a picture with JackBear... all the Fiji ppl seem really ammused that i travel with a bear...

We then go to the Travellers Rest Beach Resort, where i am to get the boat to Mana Island. its very pretty,i have to wait a few hours for the bost, but i dont mind, and its really pretty!

JackBear relaxes by the pool

and he meets another local who is facinated by JackBear

then some dude has some horses and takes em swimming

i didnt know that horses could swim!!!!

Then the boat comes and it isime for us togo on a 45min trip to Mana Island

we get there and it is FANTASTIC!!!!
and we go for a walk along the beach and find coconuts!

JackBear loves the Beach!

It reminded me a bit of LOST with these random rmshackle huts

Very calm and tropical island ish! FANTASTIC!

they has a Pirate ship! coolness!!!

JackBear makes himself at home!

and watches the sun set!


next day another sunset!!!

this is Sunset cove... pretty but full of sandflies and mossies

then we go on a boat ride to where the film Castaway was filmed... we couldnt find Wilson thou!

very pretty islands we pass on the way...

then we arrive...

Jack thought it as time to use his swim shorts again

he got a ittle wet on the boat ride to the island... ooops!

then it wa time for coconunt tree climbing...

jackBear has a coconut! wheeeeeeee!

this is our little group being shown how to open the coconuts to get the milk out!


meh I still hate coconuts!

oooh look another pirate ship!!!  (what do you mean i'm obsessed with pirates????)

see told you it was pirates!

JackBear falling out of his tree...

then we go snokling and JackBear sits on the beach and dryes out... then the wind has picked up and we have one of the bumpiest boat rides back...
big wave.... little boats! 
i feared for my life!!!!!!!!! we got drenched thewaves wre splashing everyone!!!!!!!!!
gettign back to dry land we all dry out...

JackBear relaxing after the long adventure...

then having made soem friends, JackBear has more fun...

Meet Peter corrupting JackBear with alcoholic temptations!

Sala and JackBear

JackBear obviously telling him an outlandish story of aliens and stuff....

Per and JackBear

Melanie and JacBear

Alex and JackBear

Peter again.. this time not corrupting my bear!

With me on the beach waiting for the boat home.

with the two hostel workers... also ammused by JackBear...

then it was time for me to leave Fiji and go to New Zealand..
but as i like to say.... thats another story!

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Dec. 3rd, 2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
that's awesome. I can so see him going off in a huff.

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