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Vancouver Location Hunt day 4

Day 1 & 2  .  Day 3  .

Yup i'm still going!!!!

Today i went up to the Cleavland Dam.

Supernatural episode Simon Says, (where the evil twin is trying to make the girl jump off the dam)
also Smallville, and X-files...

Then i drove up to the town of Squamish, which in SPN was pretending to be the town of Concrete
4.08 Wishfull thinking.

My pic is decidedly more dark and dreary than the episode!

From the episode... (spot the Impala)

sadly when i was there there was no Impala!!!! see.. and the Restaurant is a Martial Arts and Yoga Place.

I went into the Hotspot internet cafe and got talking to Deb, who was there a few weeks ago when they were filming, and told me how they changed the Martial arts and yoga place into the Chinese Restaurant, and she had a few pics of filming too, she was very proud of the one she got of Jared!

Deb's sneeky shot when they were filming...

The crew using the Internet cafe as a base for film gear...

Down to the Yacht Club i go..

Spot the Difference!

MAJOR SQUEEEEEEE.... i sat where Dean was sitting!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the bridge where they talk to the guy about the Big Footprints.. just around the corner!


Then on to the place where they filmed Windigo.1.02 (Britannia Beach BC )

I didnt wanna get maulled so i just stopped where the road turns into a gravel road....

i think this was where they parked the Imapla when they start off to look for the girls brother?????

anyhoo it was around here..

heheheh! now i want M&M's!!!!!

Then i headed back into Vancouver as the Mining Museam was closed. (gah!)

Headed over to the University the Theological Building to be precise.

Recognise it from Tall Tales?

then on to the house from Playthings

then it was getting a little dark, so the last stop of the day was the Church on the corner of Nelson and Burrard.

and there endith the day!

on to next day
Day 5

screen caps from all the episodes copyright of CW and WB.

and thanks again to Bigpink, and Sasquashme for the locations! i couldnt have done this with out you!!!
Locations used from Bear Hunt


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Nov. 17th, 2008 03:31 am (UTC)
Nov. 17th, 2008 03:44 am (UTC)
Nov. 6th, 2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
This is getting scary - I was at the Cleveland Dam as well, the movie "Beyond Betrayal" with Richard Dean Anderson was shot there. My pictures look exactly the same like yours!

Don't know if you know the saying - they say, if you stand around in Vancouver at a street corner for a while, surely a filming team will come along ;)
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