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More Adventures in Vancouver

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So over the last few days I've only sort out a few more locations from Supernatural.

Victory Square. used in Skin.

Was this tower used in Dark Angel?? the one she is always sitting on top of to have a view of the city?

just had to put this pic in cos... Mr Big and Tall... heheheeh! Saw it and thort of Jared!!!

And a better shot of the Bank used in Nightshifter

And today i went to Burnaby Heritage Museum Village where they filmed Scarecrow, it was the little town of Burkitsville, Indiana

and i think in the photos i have managed to achieve the same level of rain fall, as when they were filming

Jack Had to wear his coat cos it was pissing down with rain!!!

And i have even managed to get extras with umbrellas to stand in the correct spot!!!! (how the hell did i manage that... i have NO idea!!!!!!)

see there are the ppl with umbrellas again in the correct location!!! if it would only work with Dean and the Imapla too!!!

and i have managed to get a random person walking in teh right spot too! ok this is now freeking me out!!!!

this town is spooky!!!!

Inside of scottys Cafe

the doors that Dean come in thru...

Also inside the General Store

So that was Burskuitville, aka Burnaby Heritage Village.

thanks for visiting.
it also had a cool bridge.

well thats if for now folks.
screen caps from all the episodes copyright of CW and WB.

and thanks again to Bigpink, and Sasquashme for the locations! i couldnt have done this with out you!!!
Locations used from Bear Hunt


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Nov. 6th, 2010 07:35 pm (UTC)
Aw, too bad that it was raining at the Burnaby museum. Then again, if it fitted with your location hunting, then that's okay. Love your people with umbrellas ;) Isn't it lovely in there? I would have loved to spend more time. It is nice that you can go inside all the houses, and there are people there telling you stories, we had a nice (female!) blacksmith showing us things, and nice conversations.

Near Cardiff, the Museum of Welsh life in St. Fagans, is also like that, you can walk around and inside the houses, and the Dr. Who episodes "Human Nature/Family of Blood" were filmed there - lots of location pictures!

Isn't location hunting the best thing ever?
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